A day in the life of a Mommy

I wrote this last year. I’ve since moved to a one floor apartment, saving a few trips up and down the steps, but otherwise not much has changed.
Stumble to coffee pot. Throw together lunches while waiting for it to brew. Get yelled at for forgetting spoon/juice/sanity when kid comes home. Yell back about ungrateful kids. Throw pants on so don’t look like complete failure, drive kid to school on time for her to eat breakfast there, because their pop tarts are better. Drive home, try to sit with coffee, other kid needs fed. Shit. Get up to feed kid, realize no clean dishes, clean one spoon and bowl to feed kid. Place milk in cabinet and cereal in fridge. Get yelled at about using Cocoa Puffs instead of superman cereal. Yell back about ungrateful kids. Sit down with coffee, look at floor and realize it needs swept.
Start picking up toys etc, find hair band you’ve been looking for, take it to the bathroom and realize sink is gross. Start wiping down sink. Chug cup of coffee when done. Go sit again, realize forgot to sweep floor. On way to basement for the broom grab the full hamper, might as well save a trip down the steps. Start laundry, walk upstairs, forgot broom. Back downstairs, get back upstairs, sweep, laundry buzzer. Back downstairs to change loads, kid yelling starving to death but I don’t want what you gave me you’re the worst mom ever. Scream back about ungrateful kid while making new snack. 
Laundry buzzed time to switch again. Chug cup of coffee, sit down to pay bills, oh look new emails. Half hour later laundry buzzer, never got bill paid. Still in clothes from this morning. Switch laundry, start wiping counters, realize forgot to lay meat out for dinner. Back downstairs to freezer to get meat, realize forgot to close washer lid. Start to do that then tidy laundry area. Go back upstairs, forget meat.
This is usually around noon, and is just a small glimpse. Despite going all day long nothing is ever actually done. There are still socks everywhere, cat hair everywhere, sink full of dishes and dishwasher needs emptied. 
And y’all wonder why I drink


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